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T&amp;S I love you &lt;3 #equality #lgbt #teganandsara #transgender #mtf #ftm


T&S I love you <3 #equality #lgbt #teganandsara #transgender #mtf #ftm

Jun 10

"You’re stuck with the body you’ve got and the gender you don’t"

May 27
Buggaboo &lt;3

Buggaboo <3

May 25

Man this sucks.

"Confusion and doubt are not necessarily bad things. It may seem as though no other trans* people around you express any feelings of uncertainty, but they likely once agonized over their identity and decision of whether or not to transition. Gender is a confusing, intensely personal thing that sometimes takes a little while to figure out. There are a lot of risks and issues to consider that come with physically transitioning or coming out as trans* that can also serve as huge stumbling blocks for questioning individuals. It’s perfectly normal to be unsure if it’s worth the sacrifices to be able to live openly male or to change your body."

May 25

Your argument is invalid: got this from facebook lol →


Top 50 Myths About Being Transgender:

1. Being transgender is a choice.
2. Gender and sexuality are the same thing.
3. All trans people are men in dresses.
4. Trans people can’t have families.
5. Trans people are just transvestites.
6. All trans people are really gay.
7. All trans…